The Dark Art of Conversion

Written by Nigel Jennings

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In any online business there are a couple of hard nuts that you just have to crack open in order to build lasting success.

Okay there are many more than 2. But the following two areas are essentials, without solving these problems your business will run out of cash faster than you can say “Pistachio”.

These are…..drumroll please….






And in that order too. You can’t convert web traffic you don’t have.

But if you have 100,000 unique visitors a day and can’t convert them into paying customers, well , to put it nicely — you’re doomed.

Problem One — Traffic

Solving the first problem is fairly easy. Shocked? No seriously, it’s easy.

Web Traffic & Conversion

How much traffic you get will depend on many factors, but, ultimately it involves spending money. Everyone spends to get traffic. Free web traffic is a myth.

You will either be spending your time (which always has an associated cost) creating content and hovering around social media platforms. Or you are buying traffic directly through platforms like Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. More likely you are doing both. But be assured, by spending some of that hard earned cash you WILL get traffic.

So I can confidently say you do not have a traffic problem. That’s right.

Now that we’ve solved the first half of the equation it’s time to move onto the second part. ..

Problem Two — Conversion

You PROBABLY do have a conversion problem.

Credit Card

Open your favourite browser and google “increasing website conversion” and you’ll be bombarded with topics such as “47 ways to increase your conversion by 559%” or “6 secret ways to improve conversion rates” or other similarly worded rabbit trails.

Let me give you one piece of advice…


Start HERE instead…

The reason I say this is, not because there is no wisdom contained in these types of posts — there is. But because you first need to step back and look at the big picture.

Look at the Big Picture - WP Hero

You may have the best Product/Market fit, the best app, the best service, the best website etc etc. Your customer service could be incredible and the value you offer out of this world. But guess what — your average potential customer couldn’t give a monkey’s.

That’s right — they don’t care!


Because they don’t know you. The web is a big bad scary place and most customers are sceptical.

The problem you need to solve in order to increase your conversion rates is…


Those that lose sight of this — get lost in the woods.

What you need to focus on — like a super powered laser pointer is BUILDING trust.

Once you understand this, increasing your conversion will suddenly become a lot easier. The Dark Art of Conversion turns out to not be so magical after all.

Let’s continue…

It is often rightly said that customers don’t buy products — they buy outcomes.

A Hypothetical Example

Imagine that you are selling a childcare service.

Q. What are potential parents wanting to buy from you? Childcare?

Think again.

What they actually want to buy is, peace of mind, safety, education, relaxation, income (parents can return to work). The product you are selling is the method by which they obtain these outcomes.

So the same question again. What are you selling? Childcare? Yes — but no, it’s a lot more than that.

How do you increase conversion in your childcare business?

You have to convince a perspective mother (or father) that your childcare service can be TRUSTED to provide those OUTCOMES.

How? Maybe you would offer a free tour of the facility, maybe you would sit down for a chat, offer to introduce them to other parents who use the service. let them try it for a day at no cost, etc etc. What you’re trying to do is increase their TRUST in YOU to give the desired OUTCOME.

The online world is no different.

Now let you mind drift back to the service you are trying to sell and grow.

What outcomes are you selling and how will you increase your customer’s TRUST in your capacity to provide these outcomes?

That’s the question which will put you on the right road to increasing your conversion rates.

At WP Hero insanely friendly WordPress  support, we offer a FREE FIRST TASK.

WP Hero Free Task

We do this so that our potential customers can get a taste of what we have to offer, without any financial cost. We do it to build TRUST and it works wonders for our conversions.

There is, of course, a cost, we are paying for this first free offering. It is not entirely free for the customer either, they are exchanging their contact details and in most cases, we will need to access their website backend.

But the exchange of value is heavily weighted in the customers’ favour and we do it with one purpose in mind. BUILDING TRUST. We know our service is good — we want our customers to believe it.

The colour of our call to action button or the other 67 things we need to do to increase conversion may be important — but only after we have nailed the TRUST issue.

It is the same for you. Think about the outcomes you sell and how you can build trust. That is your first step to conversion heaven.

Now go and do some magic


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