Professional WordPress Management

WP Hero is a WordPress management & support company providing all aspects of management of your WordPress site.

WP Hero was born out of a desire to help business owners and entrepreneurs grow their WooCommerce store – without the need to hire a permanent IT department. Think of us as your IT department in the cloud!

The Internet is becoming an increasingly difficult place for e-commerce websites to make their mark and secure customer’s attention. As the web grows exponentially the amount of work and time that you need to be invest in your website to enable it to stand apart from the competition is also increasing dramatically.

To succeed in e-commerce today you need to move fast and embrace the fact that change is good. You need to maximize your traffic and efficiently convert those visitors to customers. Using data to inform changes is essential, the need to experiment and refine is ever present. The work never ends, but the opportunities are also limitless.

Experience the Freedom of WordPress Management

Focus on your business and converting more sales. Let us look after your catalog management, complicated tax and shipping plugins, update conflicts and all the other time killing tasks.

As founders, we are entrepreneurs at heart. We love how the web has created endless opportunities for today’s entrepreneurs. But we also realize the challenge it poses; the many hours that are required for proper WordPress management:
updating, securing, performance tuning, and amending your store. Then there is social media, content marketing, podcasting, YouTube, Vimeo… The list is ever expanding and that’s before you even ship an order!

WP Hero exists so that you can focus on your business. Professional WordPress management for growing and successful sites is our business and we are proud that delighted customers are our reward.

We built WP Hero to take care of your backups, updates, security, plugins, products, custom code, analytics and to look after your content updates, site experimentation and even automate regular tasks, such as posting and removing special offers.

Now what will you do with all of the additional time? Grow your business – that’s what 🙂

Our founders

WP Hero was founded by two entrepreneurs from the US and Ireland who then went across the world and recruited some amazingly talented staff. We are in essence a distributed team, with small base offices and remote working individuals. That gives us the ability to offer a truly global 24/7 service. If you have talent and want to work for us, get in touch.

David Blanchard Co founder
Nigel Jennings Co founder

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