Facebook and WordPress

The 4 Best Ways To Publish From WordPress To Facebook

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Here at WP Hero we’re all about making your life easier.  To be more specific, making it easy to run an awesome connected website. We like to use the term web hub! In today’s internet, the channels by which you can connect to your customers are very diverse and we don’t see that changing any time soon. One of the …


Death of the Website

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I’ve read a few blogs recently that have been reflecting on the idea that business websites are becoming a thing of the past. It’s an interesting idea, considering the spread of other mediums to interact with your customers. It’s true that in days gone by if you wanted to find info about a company on the web you went to …

WP Hero Welcomes you

Welcome Citizens

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Welcome to WP Hero, the WordPress management service for “connected” websites. “Wait a minute are you guys another WP maintenance service?” Well, yes and no. Yes we are another WP Maintenance service, but we are not just another WP maintenance service! Yes we do offer to fix your WordPress site for a monthly fee. Yes we will update your plugins, …