How to add a user to your WordPress site

How to Add a New User to Your WordPress Site: Step-by-Step Instructions

Written by David Blanchard

Why You May Need to Add a New User to Your WordPress Site Getting WordPress plugin or theme support – If you are in need of support with your WordPress plugins or theme, you may find yourself in a position where you need to create a new user account so that a developer can access your site to troubleshoot. Tip: Only …


9 Easy Ways To A Guaranteed Faster WordPress Site.

Written by Nigel Jennings

One of the most requested areas in WordPress Support is how to improve the SPEED of a WordPress website. Why Is WordPress Speed Important? The speed of your website is IMPORTANT. More important than many people realize, and it’s NOT because Google has added website speed to their algorithm — that will not negatively affect your rating unless your website is really …

Time Saving WordPress Plugins

11 Super Plugins to Save Time with WordPress

Written by Nigel Jennings

Maybe you’re a WordPress blogger, run an online business, are changing the world with your latest new start company or you run a hobby website.  There is one thing of which you will never have enough, but which cannot be purchased and that is of course TIME.  Sometimes it seems that the more we try to cram into our day …