How to Get Free SSL for WordPress

How to Get Free SSL for WordPress in 3 Easy Steps

Written by Jeff Stuart

Before we tell you how to get free SSL for WordPress, let’s start with an explanation of SSL and why it’s important for your business. What is SSL Imagine you’re having a conversation with your financial advisor in a crowded coffee shop; and she asks you for your social security number (SSN) for an investment application. Instead of blurting out your …

Siteground review

The 1 Reason We Chose SiteGround WordPress Hosting

Written by Nigel Jennings

Finding the right WordPress web hosting provider these days can be a bit of a stab in the dark. The market is crowded with so many providers and it is very hard to get an unbiased opinion from anywhere. It’s like everything on the net these days, we all suffer from over-provision of content and services. There is too much …