How to add a user to your WordPress site

How to Add a New User to Your WordPress Site: Step-by-Step Instructions

Written by David BlanchardDate: Last Updated on

Why You May Need to Add a New User to Your WordPress Site Getting WordPress plugin or theme support – If you are in need of support with your WordPress plugins or theme, you may find yourself in a position where you need to create a new user account so that a developer can access your site to troubleshoot. Tip: Only …

How to Change Author Name in WordPres

How To Change Author Name in WordPress [Video]

Written by WP HeroDate: Last Updated on

Why Change the Author Name in WordPress There are many reasons why you might want to change the author name of a blog post in WordPress. Many times the default name appears as “admin”, which will never look good on your WordPress website.  (Note:  For security reasons we don’t recommend you have a user named ‘admin’ at all!) Or, you might …

WordPress image size

The Ultimate Guide To Image Sizes for WordPress

Written by Nigel JenningsDate: Last Updated on

So you have a great looking new WordPress site design, but are not quite sure what image size you should be uploading to WordPress. Maybe you have a full-width background image or hero image. What size should the background image be? 1000px, 2000px, 3000 px or higher? With today’s multi format, multi device world, deciding what image size you need …

Stop looking at the competition - Word Press Management

Why you need to STOP looking @ your COMPETITORS.

Written by Nigel JenningsDate: Last Updated on

It won’t help your business…it’s killing it. I know the temptation. I have been there — many times, guilty as charged. It all starts so innocently, you have an idea for a new business or product. So the first thing you do is Google it. Find out if it already exists — guess what, it probably does. Bummer :(. But that’s …

How to Get Free SSL for WordPress

How to Get Free SSL for WordPress in 3 Easy Steps

Written by Jeff StuartDate: Last Updated on

Before we tell you how to get free SSL for WordPress, let’s start with an explanation of SSL and why it’s important for your business. What is SSL Imagine you’re having a conversation with your financial advisor in a crowded coffee shop; and she asks you for your social security number (SSN) for an investment application. Instead of blurting out your …