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The Best Places to Find WooCommerce Help

Written by Lindsay LiedkeDate: Updated on

Written by Lindsay LiedkeDate: Updated on

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WooCommerce is an exceptional eCommerce platform plugin. Designed to give you all the functionality and design you need to create the online shop of your dreams, WooCommerce also helps you generate lots of revenue.

However, building an online shop from scratch is not always easy, despite what WooCommerce will have you believe.

Sure, at its most basic level, starting an online store is simple. However, for online retailers with products and services available for a customer base that spans the globe, things can get a little tricky if you don’t know what you are doing.

That’s where high quality WooCommerce help comes in handy.

Today I am going to share with you several places where you can find superior help with WooCommerce for those times you just get stuck and need support.

After all, knowing where to look for help is half the battle.

Top Places for Finding WooCommerce Help

1. WooCommerce Support Forum

Forum help (no phone number) is available on the WooCommerce Support Forum

It would seem obvious that starting here is a good idea if you need help with your WooCommerce plugin. And, since WooCommerce is such a powerful (and popular!) plugin, you can expect the support forum to be active at all times, despite being a free plugin.

  • You must register with WordPress.org to access
  • Forum maintained by WooCommerce source developers and community users
  • The time it takes to receive a response can be frustrating

In the end, this is a great starting point. However, for those with complex questions, or very little patience, keep reading and find help elsewhere.

2. Official WooCommerce Website

If you're a DIY-er, you can get WooCommerce help from the Official WooCommerce Documentation

For those using the free WooCommerce plugin, with no additional premium add-ons, support is limited on the official WooCommerce website. However, if you are good at troubleshooting yourself, there are plenty of extensive and easy to understand articles written on a variety of WooCommerce subjects.

  • View articles related to WooCommerce installation, settings, and courses
  • Access developer documentation
  • Get in contact for basic, technical, or sales questions

Keep in mind that in order to submit a help ticket, you must be an existing WooCommerce customer.

 3. WooCommerce (Advanced) Facebook Group

The Advanced WooCommerce Facebook group offers WooCommerce help

Claiming to be an advanced Facebook Group dedicated to all things WooCommerce, this is a great and very interactive place to pick the minds of people with varying levels of WooCommerce expertise. And, all you have to do is join the closed group and start discussing.

Designed as a place for WordPress developers, online store owners, and WooCommerce enthusiasts to get together and share ideas, this page also focuses on the advanced functionality of WooCommerce. In the end, this is the place to go when you have a tough question that goes beyond the basics.

If you are looking for a more even-keeled Facebook group, check out the WooCommerce Help & Share group. Created as a place for people of all levels to talk about WooCommerce, you can get even basic questions answered here.

4. Local Meetup Groups

WooCommerce help is available at many Meetups

Depending on what city you live in, you may have access to weekly meetup groups specifically geared towards WooCommerce. For instance, in Las Vegas I can attend a weekly meetup that focuses on everything Woo-related. Learn new things, ask questions, and enlist the help of WooCommerce enthusiasts, all for free, at a meetup group in your area.

5. Professional WooCommerce Help

Several WordPress professionals offer live customer support with WooCommerce as an independent service or as part of a larger service. And, while you often have to pay for such services, you can rest assured that the support is going to be some of the best you can get.

Here are three of the most popular professional WooCommerce support services and what they provide.

WP Hero

WooCommerce live support and help is available from WP Hero

At WP Hero, you not only get WordPress help and management, but highly specialized support for all things WooCommerce related as well.

Designed to help online business owners and retailers make the most of their websites, money, and time, without the need to hire a full time IT department, WP Hero offers things such as:

  • WooCommerce performance tuning
  • Daily offsite backups
  • 24 hour email support
  • 1-click staging environments
  • Laser focused, specialized help with all things WooCommerce

In addition, as part of their exceptional service, WP Hero offers all website owners their first WordPress or WooCommerce fix for free. This way you can see how their team of experts will handle your website issues, and decide whether you want to take on their complete services or not.

This type of customer service is tough to find in the competitive, money hungry world. However, WP Hero is so convinced you will love their work that they dedicate a ton of their time showing potential customers their skills in hopes you will sign on with them.

Lastly, the great thing about WP Hero focusing a lot of time on the management and success of your WooCommerce store is that they have a lot of knowledge to share. Take for instance their extensive blog, complete with articles on how to set up WooCommerce membership sites, how to boost revenue with Woo Extensions, and even how to secure a free SLL certificate for your online shop for added security.

In the end, if you are looking for an all-inclusive WordPress management service provider, that specializes in WooCommerce websites, WP Hero is your best option.

Tribe WooCommerce Support

Tribe WooCommerce Support is another professional service providing help with WooCommerce service that suits those looking for a more specialized paid service that deals solely with eCommerce shops. Designed to help you build, optimize, and grow your eCommerce store, Tribe is comprised of shop designers, web developers, and eCommerce marketing specialists.

Take advantage of their WooCommerce Help & Support and get help with things like theme tweaks, bug fixes, custom development, site migrations, speed optimization, SEO fixes, uptime monitoring, and security checkups, as they relate to your WooCommerce shop. Additionally, get help creating Facebook ads and even enlist in eCommerce audits for making site improvements.


Wooassist is a premium WooCommerce support service that provides website owners help with technical customizations, SEO optimization, data entry, and best practice advice for your eCommerce shop.

The interesting thing about Wooassist is that you pay for specified blocks of hours and have the work done on your website. There are no contracts, you simply pay as you go.

6. WooBeginner

You can find WooCommerce help on woobeginner.com

WooBeginner is a free WooCommerce resource site just for beginners. Offering tips, tricks, and other WooCommerce related resources, you will be able to step up your retail game and start making more profit with your online store.

Enjoy hundreds of articles focusing on WooCommerce and eCommerce in general, sign up for their newsletter and always know what the newest Woo news is, and even contact them directly if you are still having trouble with something in your WooCommerce store.

7. SiteGround Hosting

Great WooCommerce customer support from Siteground web hosting

In order to have a successful online shop, you will need to look for features in your web hosting company such as:

  • High security SSL certificates for protecting customers’ personal and financial information
  • A well-dedicated IP address to avoid blacklisting
  • Fast speed, exceptional performance, and little downtime
  • Proper measures to handle unexpected surges in site traffic
  • Superior technical support (live chat, email, phone, or ticket system)

Siteground is one of the most affordable shared hosting providers on the market today. In addition, they offer plenty of WooCommerce support with their specialized WooCommerce hosting plans.

WooCommerce hosting with SiteGround includes pre-installment and management of all eCommerce software needed for your website. In addition, it comes PCI compliant and with a free SSL certificate. Plus, you receive managed website hosting services such as automated updates and daily backups of your site.

And, as far as support is concerned, you can expect around the clock ticket support, live chat, and phone support. Accessing WordPress and WooCommerce experts any time you need help, you will see each member’s technical background, years of experience, specific areas of expertise, and even their personal interests.

Final Thoughts

Altogether, deciding to create a WooCommerce store is an exciting time for any business owner. It’s the perfect opportunity to take an already established WordPress website and make it better, complete with blog and eCommerce shop design and functionality.

However, as with all things in life, you will run into problems here or there with your store. This is especially true if you are aiming to grow a large business with lots of generated revenue.

Knowing where to get WooCommerce help is going to lessen the stress that comes with website issues. In all, there are so many different support options available. And, someone out there is going to have experienced your problem in the past and have the perfect solution for you.

Have you used any of the above-mentioned platforms to get WooCommerce help? I would love to hear all about it in the comments below!


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